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  • Informational videos

    Informational videos

    Exeter University – case study:

    We have produced over 100 videos for the University of Exeter over the last four years. Often on a tight budget, these videos are informative, engaging and packed with content.
    The University carried out extensive research into retention rates of viewers of the previous videos and found that viewers stopped watching at a certain place in each video. Our brief was to engage the viewer and to get them to watch to the end of the video. The results were remarkable, we upped the retention rate by 10% on a replacement video for Liberal Arts!

    In other videos we isolated sections of the video where people were switching off, changed the content and found far more were watching to the end of the video.

    Of course, most people can produce a video these days, just about everyone has a multimedia device capable of producing HD video in their pockets. But we found from research that it’s about video content and quality. Viewers now expect the same HD quality of vision and video production as they see on TV and satellite channels, plus the content and presentation has to be engaging for them to get the information needed from the video.

    We often find a mixture of animated graphics and HD video solves this problem of retention. Animation can show difficult to visualise concepts in a way that is understandable and often quirky enough to stand out in the mind of a viewer after they have finished watching. The Uni work has improved click throughs greatly and in talking to the actual students on courses we have direct evidence that our videos made them decide to choose Exeter over other universities. Have a look at our portfolio page here for examples of the University of Exeter videos.

  • Promo videos

    Promo videos

    In a world where technology makes it so easy to promote your product, event or course you have to fight to be noticed! We find a well-made video will engage a viewer more as part of a marketing campaign than a webpage with just print by itself. If it’s part of a social media marketing campaign, so much the better! We can plan, scriptwrite, storyboard, shoot and do all the post production work for you. All we need is an idea of what you want to promote and some basic facts about the product and audience. We shoot with the latest Panasonic and Sony 4K cameras. We can shoot with DSLR and have a variety of lenses to produces those smooth limited depth of field results you are after, as well as a Sony FS5 larger broadcast style camera. In our armoury, we have sliders, a crane and even GoPro Hero cameras and a stabalised gimbal. We don’t add hire fees to your bill. We own all the kit needed to get any job done, on time and on budget.

    We also have an award winning animator on our team to give you promo a cutting edge look that will make it watchable to the last frame. At Digitalcut we are used to working remotely, we appreciate you have to do things quickly and that you are often travelling. That is why we use the Dropbox and WeTransfer system to share information and preview videos. It is safe and secure and easy to use. It allows you to have an input throughout the post production process.

  • Documentary


    We are also used to filming in a documentary style, either for inclusion in TV programmes or for online recording of events for web videos. We worked with our colleagues The Media Workshop in the summer covering the ‘Great Fire 350’ in London, which was a celebration of the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London. Our footage was broadcast by the BBC as part of their coverage. We have also produced a major documentary for the Devon Wildlife Trust about responsible farming on Culm grassland in Devon recently and another for The Chruches Conservation Trust about St George’s Church on Portland.

  • Conference Media

    Conference Media

    We can provide live feeds and can record for 17 hours without the need to transfer media.  All feeds are HD SDI and of the highest quality, even above that of broadcast TV. In the past our feed has been projected on screens of up to 80 feet wide and they still look great! Our camera operators are skilled, well experienced in conference filming techniques and used to taking direction on comms. We have all the kit with us and are well rehearsed in finding the best camera position and advising the on site AV crews.

    Often conference presentations these days are media rich. Your keynote could be showing Powerpoints, Flash presentations, videos or even spreadsheets and PDf documents. We can record all of these in real time and synch the speaker to the shown media.

    We can also produce promo videos to promote your future events, have a look at the one below we shot in Miami.


Client Feedback

  • Phil and his crew turned up with the latest HD kit, meshed with our AV crew perfectly and did an outstanding job on both the live feed and the recordings. Our client was very impressed with quality of picture he saw on the screen’.
    — Guy Cresswell
  • ‘I’ve worked with Phil on several video projects for the University of Exeter, most recently to promote our PGCE teacher training programmes. This was a difficult job logistically as it was based on a tight brief, but involved multiple shoots, several months apart, at different locations. It also involved that most unpredictable ingredient: children! Nevertheless Phil managed to pull a lovely, cohesive film out of the bag, which we’re delighted with, as usual’.
    — Nick Southall